Hun Parliament approves main 2014 budget figures

Hungarian Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament approved the main figures of the 2014 budget after the budget committee passed amendments that raised the main budget figures, including the cashflow deficit.The amendments would raise total 2014 central government expenditure from the figure in the original bill by HUF 85bn to HUF 16,968.3bnbn and raise total revenue by HUF 26bn to HUF 15,983.7bn. The cashflow deficit under the amended bill will rise by HUF 59.9bn – about 0.2pc of GDP – to HUF 984.6bn. The amendments will not alter the accrual-based EU-conform general government deficit target for 2014 which will remain 2.9pc of GDP, economy ministry state secretary Peter Beno Banai told the budget committee. The main budget figures were approved with 219 votes in support and 30 votes against. Socialist and Jobbik MPs voted against, and LMP deputies abstained from the vote.