Professional group aims to boost consumption of milk, dairy products

Milk and dairy product consumption Hungary is about half the European Union average, although the country is in the middle of members states when it comes to consumption of milk alone, Ms Bakos said. Per capita consumption of milk is 63 litres a year among Hungarians. Between 1,5bn and 1,6bn litres of milk is produced in Hungary each year and about 1,3bn litres is processed, down sharply from almost 2bn litres and 1,7bn-1,8bn litres, respectively, just a few years ago. The Dairy Products Council aims to raise production back to 2bn litres by 2020, Ms Bakos said. It wants to raise the stock of milking cows from 174.000 to 360.000, she added. The Dairy Products Council has won a grant of about HUF 70m to popularise milk and dairy products in the country.