Household spending on food products rises 3.3pc in 2016

Stockphoto - Sertés - Malac - DisznóHungarians’ monthly per capita spending on foodstuffs was at HUF 20,400 in 2016, up by 2.6pc in current prices from the previous year, a summary of data published by the Central Statistics Office shows.Adjusted for inflation, food consumption spending rose 2.3pc in real terms during the period. Hungarians spent around HUF 5,605 on buying meat products, HUF 3,179 on milk and dairy products, HUF 3,031 on bread and bakery products and HUF 2,197 on vegetables and a further HUF 1,446 on fruit.

In volume terms, monthly consumption of meat products came to 5.2kg in 2016 including 1.6kg of poultry and 1.5kg of pork, almost unchanged from the previous year. Consumption of bread and bakery products was also unchanged from the previous year at 4.3kg.

Consumption of milk and dairy products edged up 0.8pc to 4.5 litres. Consumption of fresh and deep-frozen vegetables and fruit came to 4.4kg and 3.8kg, respectively, almost unchanged from the previous year. As the price of potatoes rose 25.8pc in 2016, consumption of potatoes dropped by 5.5pc to 2.4kg.