Hungary producer prices rise 3.8pc from previous month in May

The monthly rise was 1.6pc in April with a year-on-year fall of 0.1pc. Domestic producer prices rose 3.4pc – again at the fastest pace in more than two years – in May from April, and were up 9.1pc from May 2009. Previously in April the monthly increase, 3pc, was already the biggest in two years, suggesting the start of a recovery from the recession. Export sales prices were up 4.1pc in forint terms from April, and up 2.0pc from May 2009. Previously, export sales prices were up 0.3pc in forint terms in April from March, but fell 5.1pc from April 2009. Domestic sales prices in the manufacturing sector were up 2.0pc in May from the previous month, following an 1.2pc monthly increase in April. Year-on-year, prices grew 6.4pc in May after rising 3.9pc in April. Energy product prices were 5.4pc higher in May than in April, and year-on-year growth was 15.3pc. Consumer goods producer prices fell 0.2pc in May from April, and were 2.7pc lower from a year ago. Industrial producer prices on average were 0.3pc lower in the first five months of the year than in the first five months of last year. Domestic prices were up 3.4pc with export sales prices down 3.8pc.