Animal Feeds Act to be enforced in Malaysia

“The quality of animal feed, manufacturing, sales as well as usage will be monitored under the Act. “Traders producing animals feed as well as those who import them have until year-end to ensure that their stock is free from contamination,” he said after launching the International Animal Feeds Seminar this week. Under the Act, anyone who did not have a licence to import animal feed can be fined up to RM100.000 (app. €25.000)  or face a two-year imprisonment or both. “Those who use chemicals in their animal feed without approval face a fine of up to RM10.000 (app. €2.500) or two years in prison or both. Chua said the country still depended on the import of grain-based animal feed such as soya bean and corn. “A long-term study is needed to utilise the country’s own natural resources such as oil palm, rice and coconut husks,” he said.

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