Axtra XAP aids in decreasing broiler feed costs

The unique enzyme combination is specifically designed to enable higher inclusions of lower cost feed ingredients such as Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS). While DDGS is potentially a cost-effective and valuable feed ingredient for the broiler industry, its use is often limited by the high content of fibrous anti-nutrients such as arabinoxylans, and the low and variable digestibility of amino acids and other nutrients. As DDGS inclusion is increased in a diet, significant changes occur to the fibre composition of the diet, e.g. a 10 pc increase in DDGS inclusion results in around a 25 pc increase in arabinoxylan content in the diet. By targeting the indigestible fibrous components, Axtra XAP releases starch and amino acids, thereby enabling higher inclusion levels of these lower cost ingredients. The triple enzyme combination is also very efficient in releasing nutrients from conventional ingredients such as corn and soybean meal. XAP’s three component enzymes deliver outstanding opportunities for increased flexibility in feed formulation, without risk of compromising broiler performance. This translates into further feed cost savings at a time of unprecedented pressure on feed raw material costs.

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