Bige Holding makes COVID-19 testing equipment donation

ADORJÁN Gusztáv; KOVÁCS Ferenc; Bige LászlóNZRT Trade Kft., a member of the Bige Holding Group donated HUF 67.8 million worth of coronavirus testing equipment to Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Hospitals and University Teaching Hospital (SzSzBMK).SzSzBMK entails András Jósa County and Teaching Hospital, Mátészalka Hospital, Kálmán Sántha Mental Health Center and Special Hospital, and the Fehérgyarmat Hospital and Spa.

The donated equipment includes coronavirus tests, and machines capable of rapid COVID-19 testing.

„One has to provide help in such epidemic-ridden times,” said Bige Holding Group owner László Bige after the donations were delivered to the Nyíregyháza town hall. He added that since he lives in Nyíregyháza and Bige Holdingʼs headquarters is also located in the city, the group has decided to focus on helping those who live there and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county in general.

Bige added that he hopes that the donation will motivate others to make similar contributions to fight the pandemic.

The owner argued that the pandemic will result in an unprecedented economic crisis. According to him, the only way to avoid this is to only isolate coronavirus patients rather than quarantining the entire country. However, this would require a lot of testing. The entrepreneur said that the group donated the best available equipment for testing.

Through the donation, SzSzBMK became the first in Hungary to receive two machines equipped with „Biochip Array” technology. The machines, developed by Randox and Bosch, is able to confirm the presence of COVID-19 in a given sample in 2.5 hours.