Certified soy for Europe expected in May

Currently the RTRS has about 150 members from multi-stakeholders ranging from soy producers, industry users/retailers, the NGOs as well as the Swiss, German and Dutch governments. RTRS executive director Agustin Mascotena said the first batch of soybean farmers from Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina were expected to get certification within the next two months. Therefore, RTRS expect the certified soybean to arrive in Europe by April-May and going into the second half of 2011. “By October to November, we also expect soybean farmers in India to be certified under the RTRS standard as part of the Soya Producer Support Initiative (Soypsi) programme,” he added. The Soypsi farmers need to comply with RTRS criteria, with additional criteria included on organic practices such as no-genetically modified organism (GMO) used, earlier cut-off dates on non-deforested land used and soy that is derived exclusively from family farms. The Soypsi criteria address the priority issues for soy. On the RTRS acceptance level among soybean producing community, Mascotena said: “South America, India and China are going to have the first leading cases on RTRS.” “As any new process that is also breaking established paradigms, this process is slow and there is a broad range of reactions from first movers too reluctant to change,”Mascotena said. “It would be an important goal for RTRS to involve North American farmers in this movement via dialogue with their representatives,” he said. It is a question of time and the capability to prove the benefits of working under sustainability and responsibility standards.

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