Coop Hungary revenue inches up to HUF 510bn in 2009

Retail sales generated 80pc of turnover, wholesale activities 15pc and industrial and rental activities 5pc. House brands account for about one-fifth of total retail turnover. Coop operates about 3,000 stores in Hungary and it is integrating a further 2,000 which do not yet carry the Coop name. The Coop stores have a 11pc market share and the stores awaiting integration have a 3-3.5pc share. More than 600 Coop stores, accounting for more than half of turnover, operate an integrated IT system, and more than 700 will be connected by year-end. Total spending on the programme will reach HUF 6bn including HUF 1.5bn to be spent on the project this year. Between 200 and 250 Coop stores will be renovated this year at a cost of several hundred million forints, Mr Muranyi said.

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