Danish Hamlet Protein makes inroads to Italian and Turkish markets

GG Ltd is a distributor in Turkey operating from Bahcelieveler/Istanbul on the European side of the Bosphorus. They represent several producers of animal feed ingredients, such as Danisco. GG deals directly with small customers via sub-dealers in poultry industry. GG markets nutritional items such as NSP enzymes, Phytase and Betain in the broiler industry of Turkey, which is the 3rd largest broiler industry in Europe, and ranks 11th worldwide. AI Chem has 30-years of experience in the feed sector with a specialization in trading additives for feed industry namely swine, cattle, poultry and pet food. Over the years, the company has acquired major distributors of acidifiers, preservatives, animal proteins such as hemoglobin and plasma, natural pigments as well as emulsifiers. The cooperative agreements underpin the efforts of Hamlet Protein to increase its activity on the Italian and Turkish feed markets.

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