German committee confirms MON810 safety

The ZKBS conducted a scientific assessment of the results of six studies that were mainly drawn upon as a justification for the ban by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, the BMELV. The assessment revealed that none of the six studies confirmed potential adverse effects on non-target organisms by MON810 under cultivation conditions. It also found that some of the studies were of scientifically poor quality. The ZKBS states that its conclusion is in line with the expert assessment of a French author group (Ricroch et al, 2009) and the opinion of the European Food Safety Authority on the request for renewal of the MON810 approval. Both studies regard the German ban as scientifically unjustified. Germany was the latest among a group of six EU countries, also comprising Austria, France, Greece, Hungary and Luxembourg, which have banned the GM line despite its EU approval.

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