Higher prices lift value of farm sector output 4.1pc in 2020

ikjGross value of the output of Hungary’s farm sector rose 4.1pc to HUF 2,953bn in 2020, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) said in a first estimate.

Output volume fell 2.1pc but prices rose 6.3pc. Output value of the crops and horticulture products segment increased 5.8pc to HUF 1,720bn as volume fell 2.9pc but prices climbed 9.0pc.

Output value of the live animals and animal products segment rose 1.2pc to HUF 1,019bn as volume dropped 1.6pc and prices increased 2.8pc.

Gross value added of the farm sector rose 8.6pc to HUF 1,266bn. Net income of farming businesses climbed 14.9pc to HUF 809bn.