Hungary farm gate prices rise 1.8pc in May

Crop prices fell 1.7pc in May. Livestock and animal product prices climbed 10.0pc. Farm gate prices were down 1.0pc in January-May from the same period a year earlier. Crop prices fell 6.6pc and livestock and animal product prices rose 12.2pc. Farm gate prices of cereals, including seeds, were down 5.5pc in May from the same month a year earlier. Industrial crop prices were up 7.1pc and oil seed prices climbed 7.2pc, but potato prices plunged 30.0pc, fresh vegetable prices rose 12.5c and fresh fruit prices were down 5.0pc. The price of cattle for slaughter rose 8.6pc and live hog prices were up 19.1pc. Poultry prices edged up 6.4pc, milk prices fell 1.6pc and the price of fresh eggs jumped 53.7pc, after rising more than 60pc for two consecutive months. In January-May, the price of cereals, including seeds, fell 8.2pc from the same period a year earlier. Oil seed prices rose 7.9pc, but fresh vegetable prices dropped 4.6pc, fresh fruit prices were down 9.4pc and potato prices sank 48.7pc. Cattle prices rose 8.3pc during the period, hog prices were up 23.9pc and poultry prices climbed 3.7pc. The price of milk was up 5.9pc and egg prices jumped 47.7pc.

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