Hungary farm sector output climbs 4.6pc in 2020

haOutput of Hungary’s agriculture sector rose 4.6pc to HUF 2,950bn, at current prices, data compiled by the Central Statistics Office (KSH) show.

Crop output increased 7.3pc to HUF 1,735bn. Grain accounted for HUF 821bn of output and industrial crops for HUF 379bn.

Livestock and animal products output edged up 0.5pc to HUF 1,004bn. Live animals accounted for HUF 708bn of the total and animal products for HUF 296bn, including milk output of HUF 210bn.

Hungary accounted for 2.1pc of the European Union’s total farm sector output last year.

Subsidies for the farm sector added up to net HUF 603bn, HUF 44bn more than in 2019.