Hungary investment funds reach historical high

Funds attracted HUF 102bn in fresh capital and generated yields of HUF 82bn in March. Open-ended securities funds, which account for a little less than two-thirds of total fund assets, grew by 5.4pc in March, drawing HUF 63.5bn in fresh capital and generating yields of HUF 43.3bn. Guaranteed funds grew 3.1pc to HUF 421bn, selling HUF 8bn of new units and realising a yield of HUF 4.8bn. Share funds increased 10pc, attracting HUF 6.6bn in new capital and recording yields of HUF 27.6bn. Assets of bond funds increased 9.1pc to HUF 304bn, drawing HUF 17.3bn in fresh capital and registering yields of almost HUF 8bn. Property funds grew 6.6pc to HUF 335bn with the sale of HUF 18.7bn of new units and a HUF 2.1bn yield. Assets in money market funds increased 3.5pc to HUF 1,283bn, drawing HUF 39bn in fresh capital and generating yields of HUF 3.8bn.

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