Hungary PMI rises sharply to 45.3 in May

Although the seasonally-adjusted index still remained well under 50 it showed the first steep rise since it fell under 50pc in October 2008 as the country suffered the effects of the global financial crisis and looming recession. The index reached an all-time low of 38.5 in January 2009. The unadjusted PMI increased to 47.4 in May from 43.0 in April. Among the sub-indices that comprise the index, the new order volume index continued to rise in May, increasing 7.1 from April to 45.2. After a 0.5 drop in the previous month, the production volume index rose 6.8 in May to 44.4. The employment index rose 5.6 last month after inching up 0.8 in April, and reached 45.0. The delivery time index fell again, by 2.8 (after dropping 1.8 in April) to 50.7. In contrast with the other sub-indices, the index for purchased stocks fell by 1.4 to 36.4 in May after increasing 2.7 in the previous month. Among the indices that Halpim publishes but does not include in the PMI, the purchase volume index rose 11.3 to 44.3 (after a 1.5 drop to 32.6 in April). The purchase price index rose 3.4 to 49.3 (after slipping 1.8) and the index for stock of finished goods declined another 0.7 after dropping 4.3 in April and fell to 36.1. The export volume index rose a sharp 9.3, far offsetting its 0.9 decline in April to 45.3 — still reflecting a contraction. The import volume index rose a further 1.1 after a 0.8 rise and reached 45.0.

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