Magi-Maxx promises explosive growth in pigs

Magi-Maxx is a new feed from Dutch innovative feed miller Vitelia that maximises pig growth. With this development Vitelia explores the very limits of what is possible with the latest technology and insights in feed digestibility and feed conversion. In addition, the company constrained itself by only two factors. The feed had to be placed on the market at a competitive price and it must be easy applicable in current feeding systems. Pigs fed with Magi-Maxx processed feeds show improved growth rate, reduced feed conversion and reduced emissions of phosphate. Studies at Vitelia’s own test farms and at the experimental farms of Schothorst Feed Research in Lelystad, The Netherlands showed that piglets fed Magi-Maxx grew 400 grams per day and that fatteners can even achieve a gain of more than one kilo per day. FCR of fatteners improved from 2,43 to 2,22 for gilts and 2,69 to 2,48 for boars. Release of phosphate was reduced by 0,2 kg per fattening pig delivered. These performances are the result of carefully choosing of raw materials and innovative techniques for treatment and grinding.
Innovative technology

Within most feed companies working with relatively traditional production techniques such as mixing, grinding and pressing, Vitelia in recent years has focused on a strategy whereby they would help its customers improve their business. The company therefore has invested heavily in an efficient organization and improved technology to deliver more profitable feed. Since 2006 it pioneered with the Magi-Con feeding system, which includes expander technology. Recently, it has added the Magi-Mill concept (grinding) to the production line and together with the already installed Pegasus vacuum coater (from Dinnissen) leads the company to the next generation of milling, mixing and pressing.
Two-way effect

The vacuum coater within the Magi-Maxx concept is used in two ways to make pigs grow explosively:
1. Essential nutrients such as enzymes, vitamins, probiotics, flavours and minerals are added in just the right dosage, and after the heating process, thus keeping the effectiveness of the products in tact.
2. With the vacuum coater up to 10pc extra fat or oil can be added to feed grains without it adversely affecting the quality of grains. In a normal pelleting systems 4pc fat is maximum or pellet quality is compromised.

Raw material custom grinding

The Magi-mill grinding system ensures healthy stimulation of the stomach and intestines. The innovative installation (which has not been installed at any other feed company yet), makes it possible to grind each raw material to its most favourable structure. This specific grinding is used to stimulate the healthy production of gastric juices. These are critical in killing pathogens and thus contribute to the vitality of the pigs. An optimal coarseness and shape of particles is also important for a healthy functioning of the intestines. This will stimulate feed intake and improve the consistency of the droppings.
More info: Vitelia

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