Magyar Suzuki to re-start second shift from end-June

ul_The local unit of Japanese car maker Suzuki will re-start a second shift at its plant in Esztergom (N Hungary) from June 29, Magyar Suzuki executives said at an online press conference.

Magyar Suzuki shut down its plant on March 23 to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. Production was re-started with a single shift on April 29.

Magyar Suzuki has started recruiting 400 people to work the second shift.

Ildiko Gyurjan Fejes, who is in charge of HR at the plant, said the company seeks to rehire contracted labourers as full-fledged employees, raising headcount to around 3,000.

Magyar Suzuki did not lay off any of its own workers during the plant shutdown.

Deputy-CEO Laszlo Urban said meeting the original production target for 165,000 vehicles this year would depend on market demand. The shutdown reduced the number of cars produced at the plant by more than 10,000 he added.

Mr Urban said there had been no supply chain interruptions affecting production at the plant.