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Track and trace: 
From feed to fork

The recent horse meat incident in Europe illustrates the complexity that still exists within the food supply chain in developed markets.

EU: Revising legislation for safer food, feed

The European Commission is modernising legislation around food, feed, live animals, and plants – your views are welcomed.

Spain needs to import 5 million tonnes of corn

Spain needs to import 5.5 million tonnes of corn to meet the shortfall in livestock feed. It is not clear from where since part of the global supply is genetically modified and not all varieties are authorised European Union.

Food shocks set to boost Hungary CPI even higher

Hungary’s consumer inflation is set to accelerate further on the back of continued global food price shocks, but the central bank may overlook this upward price pressure and carry out more rate cuts if the current supportive market conditions hold, London-based emerging markets analysts said after CPI figures for August had been released.