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Minister Fazekas: 2010 was the Beginning of a New Era in Rural Policy

A new era in Hungarian rural policy began in 2010, the essence of which is that the development of villages is an issue of key national importance and there is a need for even the smallest settlements, said Minister for Rural Development Sándor Fazekas.

New Act to Regulate Farmland Trading May be Adopted

„Parliament is expected to adopt the new Act on the trade of farmland during its spring session; the new law will undoubtedly lead to heated debate, but there will definitely be no change in its basic principles”, said the Minister of Rural Development’s Deputy State Secretary for Agricultural Economy.

Hungary to Receive Euro 3.4 billion in Rural Development Funding

In the coming 7 years between 2014 and 2020, Hungary expects to receive a total of some 3.4 billion euros in rural development funding, emphasised Minister of State for Rural Development Zsolt V. Németh at the 4th HUNAGI mobile GIS geoinformation conference.

Parliament makes Historic Decision

The Hungarian Parliament came to a historic decision on 17 December 2012 when it amended Hungary’s Fundamental Law to include the obligation to provide the highest possible level of protection, maintenance and preservation for farmland, water stocks and biological diversity.