AKK to relaunch regular bond auctions from April 23

AKK said it plans to hold bond auctions every other week, as earlier, starting April 23. It will initially offer the same terms — three-, five- and ten-year bonds — as at the auction to be held on Thursday. In addition to relaunching bond auctions, AKK said it would allow primary dealers, from May, to buy additional bonds in proportion to their accepted auction bids at the average auction price on the afternoon following the auction. AKK said it would maintain the recently introduced system of weekly reverse auctions, which help moderate selling pressure on the bond market. But it plans to complement the reverse auctions with bond exchange auctions, offering payment for repurchased bonds with newly issued bonds. The necessary regulations have yet to be drawn up, but the first such exchange auction is also planned for May. AKK will also introduce a new, three-year bond, designed for retail investors, in May. The bonds will have a floating rate, will pay a 6 percentage point premium over the official twelve-month CPI of the preceding year. The bond will be available exclusively to domestic private individuals.

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