Alltech announce 5 year research programme

Alltech, one of the leading animal health companies in the world, in conjunction with the top Chinese universities and academic research institutes has officially launched Alltech – Chinese University/Institute Research Alliances platform this October during a press conference held in Beijing.
As part of a 2011 survey conducted by Alltech, in co-operation with other parties, it was shown that China is now the largest feed market in the world. Alltech is putting unprecedented resources into China, including transferring one of its senior vice presidents and the son of the founder, Dr. Mark Lyons, to China in January 2012. Another senior vice president, Aidan Connolly, has visited China ten times this year in order to support Alltech’s operations there. “Issues such as mycotoxins, feed and food safety and the environmental impact of our industry are strongly present in China. Also, in times of the highest ever raw material prices in history, Chinese animal producers still need to be profitable by reducing feed costs and increasing animal performance. One of the biggest questions for China is how the country can improve the feed conversion rate and at the same time decrease the dependence on crop imports,” said Dr. Mark Lyons, adding that “Alltech’s investment of more than $2.5 million to the Chinese Research Alliances in the next five years clearly indicates our commitment to find sustainable solutions to these challenges together with some of the world’s best universities.” The Research Alliances at each university will focus on specific key areas aiming to address emerging challenges to animal agriculture in China, for example: Feed Toxicology Research Alliance, Animal Nutrition and Feed Science Research Alliance, Animal Science Research Alliance, Animal Nutrition Control Research Alliance, Food Research Alliance. The Research Alliance will be run by the joint (Alltech/ University/Institute) Management Committee, responsible for the programmes preparation, justification, monitoring and outcome review. This strategic long-term partnership will be critical for the consistency of future scientific studies, and will be the basis for successful breakthrough in scientific research. These alliances will be the catalyst for future advances in agricultural technologies. “I am delighted that we have such great alliance between the Northwest Agriculture University and Alltech as well as the other universities. From the Research Alliance, we will have access to advanced technology and research on nutrition and animal science, in order to promote animal production and the food industry. Also, through Alltech’s research programmes we will be able to educate students, both postgraduates and undergraduates in pursuing their future career,” said Dr. Jun Luo, professor of the College of Animal Science and Technology, Northwest A&F University.

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