Bactocell approved for piglets

The new authorization of use has been published this month in the Official Journal of the European Union (1) and Bactocell is now ready to be marketed in Europe for piglets. This authorisation is based on the European authorities’ positive scientific opinion (FEEDAP), which recognized the safety and efficacy of Bactocell to significantly improve piglets growth (increased Average Daily Weight Gain) and feed efficacy. Bactocell has been authorised for use in Europe in fattening pigs and broiler chickens for many years, and since more recently in aquaculture (salmonids and shrimps). The probiotic strain Pediococcus acidilactici MA 18/5M is a homo-fermentative bacteria, exclusively converting complex nutrients into L+ lactic acid. This property, added to its positive impact on intestinal maturation, allows a better feed digestibility and an optimal safety against pathogen development. It ensures safety of the feed and the animal digestive microflora by controlling pathogens growth within the feed and the animal gut. As a result, diarrhoeas and health-related costs are considerably reduced for the farmer.

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