Balchem expands production capacities to meet growing demand

Balchem is a specialist supplier of encapsulated nutrients and manufactures more than 140 different products across human, animal and industrial applications. Balchem has worked to refine and improve encapsulation technology and processes for more than 40 years, with keen focus in the Animal Nutrition and Health industry for the last 10 years. The Virginia plant expansion, scheduled to be completed later this fall, is the result of broad market acceptance of Balchem’s growing portfolio of encapsulated nutrients. The new plant complements the 2011 expansion of its Verona, Missouri plant and will leverage breakthrough manufacturing technologies that were developed and deployed there last summer. The improved process streamlines manufacturing and expands the type of ingredients offered. “We are committed to serving our ever expanding customer base with high quality, industry leading encapsulated nutrients,” said Dana Putnam, Vice President & General Manager of Balchem Animal Nutrition & Health. “This new facility and our recent break-through process innovations provide cost effective solutions for greater producer profitability.”

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