Belarus: Pork prices up 30% due to higher feed costs

Belarus has set the maximum selling price of pork carcasses, reported the Ministry of Economy. Prices are now 30% higher than previously.
Maximum selling prices for all types of meat in Belarus have been set by special government decree. According to experts the pork and beef production companies have in recent months become unprofitable due to the rising feed prices, a phenomenon prevalent for in the entire territory of the Customs Union. The cost of pork is also growing in Russia and Kazakhstan where due to the high value-added, breeders are able to compensate the losses incurred by them due to the more expensive grain price. Belarus farmers now receive the same opportunity. In the view of the Belarusian government 30% should be sufficient to return the producers to the level of profitability. „The decree was adopted due to the losses of producers after sales of some types of meat in carcasses for the  uninterrupted supply of public catering facilities (manufacturing enterprises, therapeutic and educational institutions) on the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Trade, the Minsk City Executive Committee”, explained the representatives of Ministry of Economy. „Meat processing organisations has been given the opportunity to increase the selling prices of these products, but not to exceed the limit of maximum sale prices,” added the Ministry of Economy in an official report.

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