Bonafarm plans HUF 50bn of investments

Hungarian agribusiness Bonafarm plans to spend about HUF 50bn to build a new slaughterhouse and a new factory for its unit Pick in Szeged (SE Hungary), owner Sandor Csanyi said in Friday’s issue of business daily Napi Gazdasag.
Mr Csanyi, who also heads OTP Bank, Hungary’s biggest commercial bank, said at the inauguration of a HUF 3.5bn dairy farm on Tuesday that Bonafarm group would build a slaughterhouse with annual capacity of 1m animals in the area around Pecs (SW Hungary) in the near future. A decision was also taken to establish a meat processor in Szeged, he added. Mr Csanyi told Napi Gazdasag that Bonfarm’s investments so far added up to about HUF 24bn, including HUF 15bn in the livestock segment.

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