Delacon & Greenvalley signs distribution agreement for Northern Germany

Greenvalley will support the offer of Fresta F, the first and only phytogenic (plant derived, natural, botanical) product in the world approved by the European Union as a zootechnical additive for piglets; Biostrong for poultry, and Actifor for ruminants. Southern Germany will be commercially managed through Delacon’s EMEA sales region. Greenvalley International bv is an independent family owned company based in Wageningen, The Netherlands, and has developed a strong portfolio and presence in feed sector additives. Delacon and Greenvalley have a long and productive relationship, developed over the 15 years that Greenvalley has been Delacon’s distribution partner in The Netherlands. Delacon is the pioneer and largest researcher, producer and distributor of phytogenic feed additives in the world. Delacon delivers phytogenic solutions that improve animal health, performance and nutritional efficiency, and reduce synthetic additives in the human food chain. Delacon is committed to sustainable growth and is investing heavily in R&D, production capacity and new talent, in order to support its world-wide expansion and maintain its innovative capital.

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