DSM launches Fertility Improvement Profit Calculator app

The Fertility Improvement Profit Calculator is easy to use. Sept 1 – the farmer fills out a simple form describing the current situation in terms of herd size, calving interval, milk yield, cows culled, heifer replacement cost and milk price. Sept 2 – the farmer uses a slider to visualize the financial impact of shortening the calving interval. Using another slider then gives the potential savings in the cost of raising heifers when the replacement rate is reduced. The extra profit from shortening the calving interval and lowering the replacement rate is presented as an annual cost saving. The failure to get cows quickly back into calf, in combination with high replacement rates, can significantly reduce dairy farm profits. This new app, which is downloadable for iPhone, android and iPad, shows dairy farmers the financial benefits of shortening the calving interval and reducing the number of replacement heifers in their herds. The solution to achieving these benefits is through the dietary supplementation of Rovimix ß-Carotene. The ß-Carotene status of the herd can be assessed with DSM’s unique iCheck technology. DSM’s iCheck technology measures the cow’s ß-Carotene status by means of a rapid blood plasma test. Deficient cows can be easily detected, and the amount of Rovimix ß-Carotene supplementation necessary to improve herd fertility can thus be accurately quantified on any farm. Available also at www.rovimixbetacarotene.com , the Fertility Improvement Profit Calculator is available in English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. The various language versions are adapted to the relevant market parameters and currencies. A CD with the tool has also been rolled out successfully – in part by means of joint marketing initiatives with customers, who have been quick to realize the potential benefits for their own farmers and feed advisors.

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