EU will help Moldova to avoid feed shortage

The European Union intends to provide Moldova with funds to overcome the effects of the heavy drought the country underwent in 2012.

The total amount of subsidy will be equal to 50 million lei or €3.1 million, said the European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian aid and crisis response, Kristalina Georgieva, at a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Moldova Vladimir Filat in Chisinau, Moldova. Moldovan authorities have stated that the direct damage to the country’s agriculture this year due to severe drought was approximately 2.5 billion lei (€155.6 million). The possibility of a feed shortage loomed, with the consequence that farmers were starting to discuss the possibility of a mass slaughter of their livestock which, in opinion of experts, could potentially trigger a rapid growth for livestock products. According to the commissioner, the funds will be allocated to the Government of Moldova in October of this year. Additionally, Filat stated that the government will allocate 12 million lei (€746,800) directly for the purchase of feed for the animals to prevent the farmers from reducing the number of livestock on drought-stricken farms. The Moldovan prime minister said that the southern regions of the country, in particular Gagauzia region, which were experiencing very serious problems would be a priority in receiving aide. Filat also pointed out that the government has decided to allocate aide amounting to 2000 lei (€12.45) per hectare to farmers affected by drought this year, who have already sown their winter crops. The same assistance will be provided to them next year, with corn and other grains.

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