Eybl Hungaria to lay off 230 more workers

Eybl Hungaria, which has dismissed 1,500 workers since last November, made the further layoffs due to a decline in orders stemming from the global economic crisis. The company dismissed more than 100 workers at its plant in Lenti, 70 at its plant in Nagykanizsa, 35 at its plant in Janoshaza and 20 at its plant in Kormend (all W Hungary). Eyble Hungaria says that its current stock of orders will enable the company to retain its current 500 employees throughout the rest of this year. The government announced in March that it had offered state guarantees for a EUR 16m current-asset loan to Eybl Hungaria in order to preserve 900 jobs at the company. Eybl Hungaria went into liquidation after its parent company, Eybl International AG, declared bankruptcy in December.

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