Feed additive used to preserve cereals for animals tested by EFSA

The FEEDAP Panel concluded, on the basis of the evidence provided, that the additive successfully preserves high-moisture grains other than maize kernels at a minimum dose of 3 000 mg/kg cereal and maize kernels at a minimum dose of 13 000 mg/kg. For complete feed containing cereals with a moisture content greater than 12 %, the minimum effective dose is 5 000 mg/kg. The Panel also considered that the currently authorised maximum concentration for cereal grain of 22 000 mg/kg (equivalent to 10 000 mg/kg complete feed) should be retained for all cereals to preserve target animal safety. The FEEDAP Panel recognised that the effective dose of the additive depends largely on the initial moisture content of the cereal at harvest, the form (whole grain vs. ground) and the intended storage period. For this reason, the actual effective dose may lie between the minimum and maximum concentration authorised under present legislation.

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