French Poultry Firm Arrivé Considering Opening up Capital to Industrial Investor to Consolidate Presence in Tough Market

In a statement sent to a partner of Agrárhaszon Ltd, the poultry firm, best-known for its „Maître Coq” brand, and its shareholders are „currently studying the possibility of opening up its capital to an industrial investor”.
Arrivé, which recorded a 7% increase in its 2008 turnover at 577 million euro, has been enjoying ongoing growth these past years and announced a 15-20 million euro investment plan in its poultry and animal feed activities only a year ago.
According to the company, outside investment would be necessary in order to consolidate its growth with a view to conquer new markets. However, Arrivé stresses that it will consider the future of its contract growers and employees as a key priority.
The Arrivé family own 35% of the company’s capital and hold the majority of voting rights. The other shareholders in Arrivé are co-operative CIAB (28%) and Unigrains (36%).

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