Hungary foreign trade continues sharp fall

Exports declined slightly less than the 31.2pc yr/yr drop in January, and imports declined faster compared to the 29.1pc fall in the first month. February exports were worth EUR 4.471bn and imports amounted to EUR 4.192bn. The February surplus came after a EUR 194m deficit in January, and compares to a EUR 161.4m surplus in February 2008. The first two months closed with a preliminary surplus of EUR 85.1m, up from an EUR 68.1m surplus a year earlier. Two-month exports fell 30.4pc to EUR 8.672bn and two-month imports fell 30.7pc to EUR 8.587bn. 2008 exports rose 5.5pc to EUR 72.784bn from 2007, and imports rose 5.2pc to EUR 72.752bn. KSH will publish detailed figures for February on April 30.

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