Liver protection for cows at the start of lactation

The onset of lactation is associated with major challenges for high-yielding cows. As a rule, feed intake can barely keep pace with the soaring demand for energy. The result is a negative energy balance, which is even more pronounced in cows with excess condition on calving. The animals mobilise body fat, leading to stress on the liver and consequently to an increased susceptibility to problems such as metritis and mastitis. The special liquid product Tirsana 1312 provides glucoplastic substances such as glycerin and propylene glycol and a high dose of Vitamin B12. Blood tests on fresh heifers at the University of Leipzig have shown that the use of Tirsana 1312 clearly increases levels of Vitamin B12 in the blood and clearly reduces the free fatty acid content (a sign of fat mobilisation). In addition, farm trials report a marked increase in appetite, particularly in problem cows. Tirsana 1312 is administered orally on the day of calving and the following two days, at the rate of one bottle (500 ml) per day. In exceptional cases, it can be given for five consecutive days.

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