Multibreeder and Japfa merge

Currently Japfa controls 73pc of Multibreeder. According to Japfa director Ign Herry Wibowo, “Japfa, Multibreeder, Multiphala and Hidon have signed an initial agreement on April 11, 2012, relating to the merger plan in which Japfa will be the recipient company of the merger.” The purpose of the merger, he added, was to provide benefits in the areas of operations, namely the integration and control in the operational area so as to accelerate the decision-making and strategic business setting. Japfa booked net profits of IDR 671.47 billion (€53.7 million) in 2011, slashed 38.5pc from IDR 1.09 trillion (€87 million) in 2010. Net sales increased 12pc to IDR 15.63 trillion (€1.25 billion) from IDR 13.96 trillion (€1.1 billion) in 2010. As of December 2011, its assets totaled IDR 8.27 trillion (€661 million). It has cash and cash equivalent of IDR 827.44 billion (€6.6 million).

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