Optivite launches new ‘intelligent’ water system for all animals

Flogenic is a self-contained water treatment unit which does not require any power and has a simple ‘quick connect’ attachment at the point of filling the water tank. Each refill automatically disinfects 90,000 litres of water at 2ppm of free chlorine and is simply replaced when necessary. “The Flogenic device removes any need to make up a disinfection solution on a batch basis or to use a dosing pump system with complex electric control systems or reservoirs,” explained Simon Knowles, National Sales Manager from Optivite. “Flogenic is used at the discharge point to a drinking water or storage tank and can chlorinate flows from 20 litres per hour to 20 litres per minute. The chlorine addition is proportional to the flow of water and there is no waste as active chlorination ceases once the flow stops.” Farm trials have shown that when broilers drank water treated using the Flogenic system they achieved their full growth potential earlier with lower mortality. Also in layers the performance of birds is enhanced with improvements in the fall off of laying performance and fewer breakages. Broilers, for example, produced an increase in weight of almost 9pc over the same growth period compared to birds receiving untreated water in preliminary trials. Dairy cows have shown increases in milk production of between 0.66 and 1.0 litre more milk in early studies and work in pigs have shown lower significant reductions in Salmonella ELISA scores. “Flogenic uses an organic chlorine donor approved for human consumption which lowers the water pH this is important because chlorine in water is more effective at killing microorganisms in its acidic form and there is strong evidence that acidifying water improves animal weight gain.” The Flogenic device is pre-set to add 2ppm of free chlorine to the water but can be easily adjusted within a range to disinfect 35,000 litres with 5 ppm of chlorine. “This level of disinfection should be enough to kill micro-organisms that cause diarrheal diseases and digestive problems and provide protection against re-contamination of the water by any sick animals,” added Simon Knowles.

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