Perstorp launches food grade liquid antioxidants

The antioxidants will be sold under the brand name ProTain FG. Perstorp will continue to offer feed grade antioxidants under the brand names ProTain OT and ProTain NA. The largest part of liquid antioxidants is used to increase the shelf life of pet food for dogs and cats. With the increased quality awareness the customers in the pet food industry more often require a product which is food grade qualified. To meet this growing demand Perstorp constructed a new fully dedicated production line for liquid antioxidant products. Alongside the construction of this dedicated production line the preparations were started for the certification of food grade liquid antioxidant production. The ProTain FG product group contains Perstorp s food grade antioxidants. At this moment it contains 3 different products. More are expected to follow when customer demands require specific antioxidants at food grade.

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