Portuguese-Italian cooperation in medicated premix

“We are proud that another European Veterinary Laboratory has decided to use our original BMP technology,” said Mauro Veneroni, Doxal’s Chief Executive Officer. “Since several years, companies from various EU countries, like Germany, UK, France and Spain, have been adopting our novel technique, for their production of medicated premixes and feed additives.” BMP is an original granulation process, studied, researched, designed and patented by Doxal Italia. “It has been recently also applied to potentially hazardous substances (such as trace minerals with inhalation toxic features, for instance),” said Dr Maura Porta, Doxal’s Quality officer. “It dramatically reduces the toxicological risks of handlers.” Vetlima’s President, Dr José Carlos Duarte confirms that “…our decision to invest in BMP technology was taken, after having realised the substantial improvements of our Oxitetravet BMP, not only in terms of health safety for our workers and our customers’ workers, but also for reduced cross-contamination at feedmill level, improved uniform dispersion of the drug into the feed mass and, ultimately, a better product stability.”

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