Queue software wins Grapas award at Victam Asia

According to Agentis Innovations President Yiannis Christodoulou, “we understand the complexity of raw material and finished feed transport in Asia Pacific because of the reliance on bagged products.”Recognising this fundamental and important difference in the operation of many Asian feedmills, Queue Plus was developed to provide an accurate estimated time to pick up and load each truck and the number of bags for each feed type to be loaded. This innovation helps to schedule the most efficient delivery assignment for all drivers and trucks and reducing on-site traffic congestion. Queue Plus ensures the best utilisation of feed distribution staff to expedite the load out process and eliminate human error. Yiannis said that “Agentis Innovations and TAT work closely with customers to understand their specific needs in terms of the degree of automation required within the feed production process, the supporting hardware and data reporting formats”. “As a result of our technology and market approach we are realizing strong demand for our complete feed mill automation control system, Smart Feed Mill.”

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