Road transport organisation launches online product database

For the purpose of assurance of feed safety within the animal feed sector, these four members strive for harmonization of requirements for bulk road transport of products intended for animal feed. This committee, composed of experts, is mainly working on classification of transported products and determination of cleaning regimes necessary to assure safe feed transport. This is done based on the possible hazards these products may transfer to the feed chain. The complete list of products is registered and maintained in a database. Products which are not classified are forbidden for transport in loading compartments used for transport of animal feed. ICRT wanted to publish this database online to facilitate the determination of the correct combination „transported product / minimum cleaning regime” to be applied for the companies who are operating at an international level. This goal was finally achieved on 17/04/2012 with the official launch of the database IDTF (International Database Transport (for) Feed) available in four languages (French, Dutch, English and German). Qualimat-Transport is currently working on the adjustments of its part of het database, which is expected to be ready by 30/6/2012. All companies that work according to one of the three certification schemes  (GMP, GMP+ FSA and QS) can now consult this database, containing at least 3,330 products, of which approximately 2,200 additives, and determine minimum cleaning regime required after the transport of one of these products with the help of the database. User manuals are available in the four languages, to guide the user in the process of consulting the details. The assessment of certain products differs somewhat between certification schemes, mainly due to various national legislations. These differences are clearly visible in the database. The website also has a tool that allows for product lists to be custom made allowing any company who wishes to do so to obtain specific information for the products they deal with.

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