Skretting to extend rapid NIR analysis to shrimp feed

This follows the acquisitions of shrimp feed production facilities by the company in Brazil, Vietnam and recently in China, giving a combined total capacity over 100,000 tonnes. The introduction of NIR analysis will result in more consistent and higher quality shrimp feed as analyses can be completed in a few minutes rather than the hours required for conventional wet chemical methods. NIR is used to check incoming raw materials for quality and safety. The quality results are used to make precise calculations for feed formulation. NIR analysis is used again to confirm that the finished feed matches the required specifications and to generate data for documentation. According to Ørjan Breivik, the research scientist at Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) with global responsibility for NIR, “we could use some information from our existing fish feed database, several different raw materials occur in shrimp feeds. Also shrimp feed is different in composition from fish feed, so we prepared a new set of calibrations to permit the checking of final products.” NIR stands for near infrared spectroscopy. In essence, the sample is illuminated with near infrared light and the spectrum of light reflected by the sample is recorded. That spectrum is automatically compared with standard spectra held in a central database and the results are delivered almost instantly. Skretting has a uniquely long record of using NIR for raw material and feed analysis.

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