Successful INVE Aquaculture seminar at Bodrum

Said Stelios Leontios, Sales Director Europe said: “The central theme of this seminar focused on how to produce the highest quality fry at the best possible cost.” With this in mind, a number of hot topics were touched: how to optimize rotifer management, the advantage of using probiotics in fish aquaculture and perhaps the most actual topic of them all: finding the best balance between the use of Artemia and the use of dry feeds. With the historical debate about the use of Artemia for rearing fish larvae still ongoing, INVE Aquaculture has accepted the challenge of finding this best balance by making optimal use of their complete product portfolio for fish hatcheries. By creating fully customized feeding protocols for their customers, the company offers the possibility to produce the most cost efficient fry without jeopardizing its quality in any way. Said Leontios: “We are the only company able to offer 100pc proven performance. All of our protocols and products are thoroughly tested in our development and testing centre for marine fish (MRS) before being launched into the market. This allows us to provide the fish aquaculture industry with the highest possible level of security.” The Bodrum seminar further completely falls in line with the INVE Aquaculture’s new vision: “Shaping aquaculture together”. With this slogan, the company wants to stress its firm belief that the only way to shape the future of aquaculture is by building and maintaining a strong, close relationship with their partners and, most importantly, their customers. “This is something we really want to build upon. The personal relationship with our customers, along with our complete product portfolio and vast market experience is what makes us truly unique in today’s market,” Leontios concluded.

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