Ukraine government to create large corn-soybean belt

“Minagroprod initiated a fundamental change in the structure of main crop production in the Ukraine, aiming to grow crops more in line with the climatic conditions of our country,” said Nikolay Bezugly, deputy minister of Agricultural Policy and Food, at the recent Forum „Agribusiness in Ukraine”, organized by the Adam Smith Institute. Bezugly stated that the global development strategy of the Ukraine provides a major restructuring of agricultural production based on current climatic conditions. „Ukrainian science has developed the concept of a corn-soybean belt in the forest-steppe part of Ukraine based on the  Corn Belt in the USA”, – said  Bezugly. It is planned that the area set aside for corn could reach 5 million hectares. „And so the annual production of corn in the country will  increase to 30 million tons,” Bezugly said. The area for soybean is planned to be about 2.0 to 2.5 million hectares. This will increase soy production to 5 million tonnes. In 2011 the Ukraine produced about 17 million tonnes of corn. The farmers also collected about 2 million tonnes of soybeans. The total investment amount under this project according to preliminary expert estimations could reach up to US$ 75 million.

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