BioResource presented latest research at IPE

The poster, presented by BRI Nutritionist Dr. Patrick Biggs, was entitled “Effect of a protease on phytase when fed to broiler chickens.” According to BRI CEO Dr. Giles Shih, “Some potential customers of our feed enzymes have asked if BRI’s novel proteases are compatible with other feed enzymes such as phytase. “We are glad to be able to present our latest research that shows our innovative enzymes play well with other enzymes.” BRI’s passion is feeding the world healthy sustainable food, through a focus on harnessing technology to improve people’s lives and livelihoods every day. The company develops innovative products that improve poultry and swine nutrition in a cost-efficient manner while reducing the environmental impact of those farm operations. Through the discovery and development of innovative animal feed enzymes, BRI hopes to create a future for animal agriculture that is both economically and environmentally sustainable from farm to fork. Founded by father and son team Jason and Giles Shih, BRI has developed two products, Versazyme and Valkerase, that are distributed to more than 80 countries worldwide. BRI continues to research science-based solutions to aid growing agricultural and industrial markets around the world. 

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