New distributor for Excentials in Egypt

Excentials, a sub-division of Orffa, The Netherlands, has come to an agreement for exclusive distribution of its’ specialty feed additives line for the Egyptian market with Ront Vita Co, which is based in Mansoura, in the north-east of Egypt. At Agrena -the biggest exhibition in animal feed industry for Middle East market- the cooperation was announced for the first time. Ront Vita was exhibiting with a large booth which, for the first time, was also displaying Excentials’ product line. Excentials portfolio consists of a full range of specialty feed additives branded under the Excential name, containing products such as betaine, target-release sodium butyrate, L-selenomethionine, emulsifiers, mycotoxin binders, rumen protected choline and others. Products will be supported by a full technical dossier and support can rely on Orffa’s widespread and long-term experiences. Ront Vita is a family owned business producing concentrated feed concepts and with respect for Egyptian traditions and strong connections throughout the animal feed industry. The company is also involved in distribution of several feed additives in Egyptian market, and has its own production and warehouse facilities. Besides a strong emphasis on feed concentrates and feed additives, Ront Vita also recently launched a new line of poultry genetics from Tetra, a well established Bulgarian company.

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