New production plant Nutriad at Kallo operational

Nutriad is a major producer of feed additives, preservatives and flavouring substances for the animal feed industry worldwide. “We offer innovative solutions that meet the current and future needs of our industry, allowing livestock agriculture and aquaculture to improve productivity in a sustainable and profitable way”, says Visser. “Manufacturing our specialty products in this new facility underlines our ambition to maintain our position as a technology leader in the industry through a high quality and innovative product range. The opening of the Kallo production site was also the platform for launching Nutriad’s newly designed website and presenting the new corporate identity. According to Visser the website,, will be filled with valuable technical and commercial information on the feed market in general, but more specifically on the various Nutriad programs and products. “It is a platform on which we can share our valuable knowledge and know-how with our customers worldwide.”

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