Novus brings out rumen booster

Next enhance is a source of cinnamaldehyde and garlic oil (containing the active ingredient diallyl disulfide), which have been shown to favorably modify rumen fermentation. This allows dietary carbohydrates and proteins to be more efficiently used by the animal. “This rumen effect leads to increased nutrient uptake or use which results in improved feed conversion and growth as well as reduced rumen waste products,” said Troy Wistuba, beef research manager for Novus. “Carbohydrate and protein savings are channeled into better average daily gain in growing and finishing cattle.” Plant extracts can be highly volatile after extraction, and rapidly degrade during storage and ration mixing. However, the active ingredients in next enhance are protected by two layers of a patented coating. “Our exclusive microencapsulation technology ensures a targeted release of the active ingredients in the rumen,” Wistuba said. “An outer rumen-release coating is combined with an inner coating to retain active ingredients. It protects the plant extracts from breakdown pre-feeding and promotes optimal ruminal impact.” Feeding trials have shown consistent improvements in average daily gain and feed efficiency of approximately five percent.

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