Ronozyme ProAct introduced to US market

Protease offers great value to poultry producers by improving the digestion and uptake of protein in broiler chickens. This reduces both feed costs and environmental impact. US poultry producers are challenged to make more food from less feed, at an affordable price for consumers. “High feeding costs and resource constraints remain the biggest challenges for the US poultry industry,” says Peter Christensen, Global Marketing Manager at Novozymes. “Poultry producers are looking for sustainable solutions now more than ever to combat these challenges.” Ronozyme ProAct is a proven solution to the challenges faced by the US poultry industry. It can improve both the economic and environmental sustainability of poultry production. As the first pure protease enzyme for feed, it complements the bird’s own digestive enzymes, improves protein digestibility and makes more amino acids available to the animal. This is important because poultry producers currently have to over feed the broilers with up to 4 pc more protein in order to achieve the desired absorption rate of amino acids for optimum growth. Adding protease to feed allows the diet to contain less protein and thereby reduces overall feed costs by 3-8 pc.

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