Russian feed production in upward trend

Russia is among the ten largest producers of animal feed in the world. The country for several years maintained an upward trend in compound feed production. In 2010 production increased by 9pc compared with 2009 and this year this trend continues. During the period from January to May 2011 feed production, compared with the similar period of last year grew up by 8.7pc. Compared with April 2011 production of animal feed for poultry in May increased by 1.4pc, and production of pig feed by 3.3pc, while production of cattle feed continued to decline almost by 5.5pc. According to the Federal State Statistics Service in May 2011 production of protein and vitamin supplements decreased by 9.7pc to 13.200 tons compared to April. Despite the general positive trend, the Ministry of Agriculture at a recent meeting once again discussed the problems of the industry. For example, nowadays in Russia for the production of animal products it is regular that the animals consume 2-3 times more feed then in other developed countries due to imbalances in the feed such as protein content and amino acid composition.

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