Number of inoculated, recovered in Hungary set to reach 1m by March – Orban

viThe combined number of Hungarians who have been inoculated against the coronavirus and those who have been registered as recovering from Covid-19 will reach 1m by early March, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a weekly interview on public radio on Friday.

„If things go according to plan, then by early March the number of people who have had at least their first jab and the number of recovered will rise over 1m,” Mr Orban said on Kossuth Radio.

„By March 15, we will have vaccinated…practically every Hungarian over the age of 60 who has registered,” he added.

By early April, Mr Orban said, the number of inoculated people and the number of those who can certify recovery from Covid-19 in the previous six months „will approach 2m”, and if the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine can be used, that number „will exceed 2m”.

He noted that 264,530 Hungarians have had at least their first jab of Covid-19 vaccine, while the number of registered recovered Hungarians stands at 275,764.